From dust to tribe . . .

Dust and Tribe (D&T) is the experience of growth through adventure.

Our fall and spring signature excursions are annual opportunities for Muslim men and women to push through the boundaries of supposed mental and physical limits into a new awareness of what we can be when we support one another.

It is where we discover what we are (dust) and what we become together (tribe).

Spring 2016: D&T Grrrl!

On April 22nd, fifteen women left for three days and two nights camped out on an island two-hours off the California coast. This blog is their story!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Now What?

What do you do once you're actually on the island?

It's a wonderful problem to have.

I won't tell you what to do. But I will offer options. And they are all lovely- almost beyond belief.


Take this suggestion seriously. Get up early. Stay awake after the pre-dawn prayers. Walk out to the beach to sit and watch the sunrise. Then sit and wait for the millions of island morning glories to unfold and meet the light. Sit and listen to the wind slipping through the expansive fields of milky oats. Sit and enjoy the dawn chorus of birdsong. Sit and watch an island fox yawn and stretch. Sit on the shore and marvel at the rattle of stone beneath an outgoing tide. Sit and be dazzled beneath a night sky that reminds my eldest daughter of steel shards strewn throughout a bowlful of black jelly.


Download this list of hikes here.

After catching the sunrise on the beach, do hike #2. It'll have you back at camp two miles later and totally pumped for the rest of the day. It's a great warmup with fantastic ocean views. Whalespotting is not uncommon from the coastal bluffs.

Later that same day or the next, you might set out on hike #4, a trip to the island's interior for your chance to spot the island scrub jay. You'll meet people on the boat who are coming over for that reason alone.


Use your knives to whittle the fallen eucalyptus branches into spears or dolls. Braid the long grasses into tiaras and crown one another island princesses. Swim in the gentle, rolling current of Scorpion Anchorage. Take your kayaks for a paddle to the rocky outcrops just offshore. Stack stones on the shore or skip them in the water. Dive into the kelp beds. Play tag. Explore the shallow little caves all along the hillsides.


Like you need to be reminded.

Conversations unfold outside like nowhere else. Your frame of reference is so radically shifted that certain ideas and concepts simply crumble while others erupt into consciousness. Back home in the wild, your mind rocks and boils like a great underwater volcano. Best not to keep quiet. Spew that lava and see what comes of it. Your sisters will be there to receive your heat and ash. Offer it to them in great clouds so that they will learn of their power and yours.

In the end, look to your Coyotes. And they will look to you. Together, you will know.

Your itinerary is already laid out, sisters. You have done your part. You settled your fares and packed your gear. You say your goodbyes as you prepare to say your hellos.

We are the people of qadr. The pen has been lifted and the pages are dry.

Your island is waiting for you.


  1. Add to that list of things to do:
    Use bathroom
    Don't miss the boat
    And make sure your tent don't leak like ours did.

  2. Bursting with nerves and excitement :')))))))

  3. Who's the volcano?
    Bintmuslim, out tent leaked because some mysterious wild animal attacked in the night and tore a hole in the bottom, we didn't notice though because we were sleeping, but then suddenly our tent flooded and we had to take a helicopter back home.

    1. The best part was when Sajidah's five-year old sister took over the helicopter controls because the pilot had a heart attack. That was helpful because the rest of us were engaged in resuscitative efforts, which ultimately proved fruitful.

      We all got medals and free passes to the Santa Barbara library.

  4. No, dad, you're mistaken. We got passes to the Anza Borrego desert Aquarium.