From dust to tribe . . .

Dust and Tribe (D&T) is the experience of growth through adventure.

Our quarterly excursions are opportunities for men and women to push through the boundaries of supposed mental and physical limits into a new awareness of what we can be when we support one another.

It is where we discover what we are (dust) and what we become together (tribe).

Fall 2018: D&T V

On October 20th, 2018, sixteen men will head into Death Valley with their Jeeps and a map. This is their story.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Men of D&T V

Al-hamdu lillah wa shukr lillah, our tribe is locked. Sixteen men, brave and bold, opening themselves to what we pray will be the experience of a lifetime.

Among us will be my brother in blood and spirit, Brother Sam. He is equal parts strength and beauty, a fantastic athlete and a delightful poet.

We are joined by Brother Adeel. There are mornings where he wakes up and runs. This can go on for hours.

Brother Asim will be with us, insha Allah. He is recently returned from his European tour. We hope one day to have sushi together.

My heart swells to know that we will be sharing the company of Brother Bilal. I have no greater example of humility and courage in my life.

Brother Ihsan is new to the Dust and Tribe family. God the Most High has, in his Infinite Wisdom, dealt our brother some serious blows. He continues to rise, continues to pray, and continues to inspire.

Brother Faisal is also new to the family. This will be his first outing with the tribe and I am more excited for us than I am for him. His intellect and curiosity remind me of possibilities I had forgotten. He also has really great hair.

I met Brother Fazeel at a mosque in Chino. We discussed our love for music and men's work. Allah has seen fit, insha Allah, that there is yet more benefit to be had in one another's company.

I met Brother Haaris in a Mediterranean diner years ago and we bonded over a love of public radio and dirty jazz. At least one of us has grown up.

Years ago, Brother Hadi opened his home to me, my music, and an untold number of barbecues. This man will forever feel like home.

I ran a trail marathon with Brother Waseem back in 2013. We must have logged well over a hundred miles training together in the suburbs and regional parks of Orange County. He has since saved my life at least twice.

I pray that God allow us to enjoy the everything that is Brother Motasem. Apart from some seriously janky toenails, this man is my personal example of noble manliness.

Should we realize our time in the desert, it is Brother Naseef who is to be thanked. He worked in ways both subtle and direct to exhume me from the grave I had dug for myself and my dreams.

Brother Sajid is allergic to llamas and bullshit. He's a straight shooter that sometimes forgets his medication. Keep it real with my man and everybody will be OK.

Lean and restless, Brother Todd likes his steak thick, his adventures bold, and his friends honest.

This will be my first time in the company of Brother Waqar. No stranger to the wilderness, the man has been chased by elephants, attacked by monkeys and honeybees, and experienced being stranded in the forests of his native India as rivers rose to wash away his camp. Personally, I think he's doing something wrong.

But we start with love, brothers. To see what is best and most beautiful in one another is not just an expectation. It's a requirement. We will often find ourselves falling into and living in the belief systems of others. God Most High says, "I am as my servant believes me to be."

And so it is with created things. If we invest in what is highest within each of us, this is what we will encounter in the company of one another.

In our next post, we will introduce our Coyotes, the men among us who have been selected to shape and contextualize our experience. And then we will break into our clans.

We have much to share in subsequent posts about gear and food and Jeeps. Do stay tuned and please share your thoughts about what we are doing and who we are doing it with in the comments below.


  1. And then there is our group leader, Ahmed, strong, stubborn, and immensely creative he persistently sees the world in a different, more beautiful, light.

    1. Working on that stubborn part ;)

      Love you, brother <3

  2. Can't wait to hang out with all of my brothers again. Thanks Ahmed.

    1. Really excited to spend some dirt time with you, Asim <3