From dust to tribe . . .

Dust and Tribe (D&T) is the experience of growth through adventure.

Our quarterly excursions are opportunities for men and women to push through the boundaries of supposed mental and physical limits into a new awareness of what we can be when we support one another.

It is where we discover what we are (dust) and what we become together (tribe).

Fall 2018: D&T V

On October 20th, 2018, sixteen men will head into Death Valley with their Jeeps and a map. This is their story.

Friday, October 5, 2018

A Few More Details

Our men are putting in the work.

In true Coyote fashion, Brother Adeel has started a carpool sign-up (message me if you did not get the link). Once our potential drivers are entered, we can start to figure out who's traveling with whom.

Our Spoon Keepers have banded together, called as they were by Brother Bilal. Brother Todd came up big with the spreadsheets and there is talk of tribal feasting! So exciting!

This kind of initiative is spectacular. This is the very thing that keeps me so inspired. There is so much more going on here than carpools and cookery.

We are men with obligations. To God. To our families. To our employers. To our communities. Every email, every phone call, every little bit of effort you put into learning about our destination and the things you'll need to make the most of the experience- this is all time away from something else.

But you are making that choice. You are giving this adventure and your brothers something of your precious energy. You are co-building an experience for them and with them, and that is no small thing. We are all old enough to know that you will only ever get what you give. And it is well within God's capabilities to give you more still. So give of yourselves, brothers, in anticipation of the bounty that is His alone to bequeath!

For your consideration, I am fleshing out our itinerary with a few more details:


As mentioned this is our gathering day. All should endeavor to be at camp by sunset, God willing.

But for those that can make it earlier, there is much to anticipate.

Death Valley is a huge place. And we want to take advantage of our jeep days to get us into places that might be difficult to access otherwise.

Saturday, then, is a great day to play at those locations that are just off the main road. This is our day to hike Darwin Falls and to sandboard and sled the dunes at Mesquite Flat. Time allowing, we might check out Salt Creek, Zabriskie Point and Dante's View. Come early and enjoy the fun!

Sunday and Monday

These are our jeep days. We will have 11 hours of daylight. We'll want to be back before dark, so that means Sunday and Monday mornings we head out at first light, God willing.

We've got two routes mapped out: The Canyons and The Washboard.

Much of the jeep experience will be driving along dirt roads. Not technical.

This is especially true for The Washboard route. This is the longer trip and the point is in the incredible stops you'll be making along those dirt roads. Ubehebe Crater, Teakettle Junction, the Lost Burro Mine, and the mysterious Racetrack Playa.

The Canyons route is a grand tour of three different canyons: Titus, Twenty-Mule Team, and Echo. Titus and Twenty-Mule are mostly dirt roads, non-technical with incredible geology, petroglyphs, and even a ghost town.

Echo is the wild card. Depending on your mood and time, drivers can push this and get into and over a few 3+ obstacles, which, according to the standard trail ratings, means "Moderately demanding. Challenge for novice drivers. Obstacles may include: mud holes, boulders, and streams."

There won't be any streams in Echo.


Our final day, we break camp early and head 20 minutes down the road to Badwater Basin. At 282 feet below sea level, this is the lowest point in North America. This is where we offer our Closing Circle, in the one location where it can truly be said there is no place to go but up.

There is much work yet to do!

Reach out to your Coyotes for guidance.

Two weeks to go!!


  1. Great research Ahmed; looks like a good time

    1. Thank you for saying so! We are absolutely hoping for an amazing time. Keep us in your prayers :)

  2. Thank you Ahmed and to all your helpers for arranging this adventure